Our Spa Facilities

An entire spa journey awaits guests at the Nataraya Spa; every element enhances health, beauty and a sense of wellbeing. The spa comprises of a large indoor swimming pool; chromotherapy hydro bath, relaxation garden, relaxation area, sauna and multiple treatment rooms offering bespoke and exclusive treatments for the body and soul.

Indoor Pool

Water is synonymous with relaxation. Nataraya spa offers a generous sized indoor pool, located on Level -3. This pool is particularly appealing in the cold winter months if you still crave being poolside. In equal measure, it is also the perfect solution to escape the excessive Maltese heat in the summer months. Take up a lounger and enjoy a calming atmosphere at our indoor pool.



The Sauna at Nataraya can be used as a means of calming the body and relieving stress and is well known for its many health benefits. For those new to the experience, our sauna is a dry heat that’s best enjoyed between 70-90 degrees., humidity in the dry sauna is set less than 5%. This type of heat increases the body's core temperature. Sweating is encouraged which releases impurities from the skin and pores.

Chromotherapy Hydro Bath

Chromotherapy (or colour therapy as it’s often called) involves the use of colour and light to stimulate wellbeing. Different colours and shades have varying wavelengths and significance. Each colour on the spectrum will have its own effect on the body, mind and emotions. While the exact origins of chromotherapy are lost in time, there are records of colour being used as therapy in several civilizations around the world. In ancient Egypt, Greece and India, colours were used to heal different ailments; ayurvedic medicine, for example, associates different shades with the body’s seven energy centres, or chakras. Why not take a dip in our chromotherapy hydro bath during your spa visit?


Fitness Centre

Experience the fitness centre at the Nataraya Day Spa. Well equipped and spacious; the perfect place to keep up your fitness regime.

Serenity Garden

Our gardens offer the perfect space to absorb the natural environment, soak up the sun and inhale fresh air- The perfect formula to enhance your wellness.

White Orchid Close Up

Bespoke Wellness Menu

Sit back, relax and allow our team of culinary experts to knock up a healthy feast for you during your spa visit. Our menu incorporates fresh local flavours. Kindly inform the kitchen of any dietary requests.